Ethics of Society & Ethics of Communication Working Group

This Working Group is concerned with ethical and deontological problems and challenges of the communicators and the communication media. We want to take into consideration how values help to improve the practice of communication in three main areas: information, entertainment and persuasion. We also want to point out the importance of critical reception.

Members of the Interim Head:
Elvira García, Department of Communication and Journalism. CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Spain [Contact]
María Teresa Nicolás, School of Communication. Universidad Panamericana, Mexico [Contact]
Isabel Serrano Maíllo, School of Information Sciences. Complutense University of Madrid, Spain [Contact]
Fernando Oliveira Paulino, University of Brasilia, Brazil [Contact]

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It focuses particularly on the crisis of the relationship between ethics and politics; political developments in different areas of the world; the actors in the different modalities of political communication; the sources of political information and their risks from an ethical point of view; political news and public relations; and the roles played by propaganda and disinformation in political news.

The Working Group on Ethics of Society and Ethics of Communication of the IAMCR invites the submission of abstracts bearing on the Conference theme as well as on the Working Group sub-theme: 'The ethical limits of the citizen's behavior' with the following content:
For the Swedish Conference of 2008, the proposal of this Working Group
is to deal on  the subject “Ethics and Deontology of Public Relations”.
The main reason is because Public Relations have become a fundamental
instrument of communication, which up to now has not received the
appropriated attention from the communication...