The elections for IAMCR Executive Board (EB) and International Council (IC) are over. Nico Carpentier was elected president and will be joined on the Executive Board by 2 vice-presidents, Andrea Medrado and Usha Raman, the current secretary general, Gerard Goggin, and treasurer, Elske van de Fliert, who have both been reelected.
The IAMCR 2020 online conference will begin on 12 July with an opening plenary with welcoming words from IAMCR's Executive Board and the conference host, Tampere University, plus keynote speakers reflecting on the conference theme. Following that will be the launch of IAMCR Online Conference Papers.
This month IAMCR holds elections for the Executive Board and International Council. The online voting period will run from 11 May to 31 May 2020. All current members are eligible to vote, including those who take out or renew their IAMCR membership until Wednesday, 27 May.
UPDATE: On 19 March IAMCR appealed to its members for help translating “Journalism, Fake News & Disinformation” into new languages. According to UNESCO, 200 proposals were received and the handbook is being translated into 30 new languages. Thank you to all the IAMCR members who offered to help!
Given the rapid and unpredictable developments associated with COVID-19 at present, and the health and safety issues and constraints associated with travel and conference activity, IAMCR and our partners at Tampere University, are planning online activities in lieu of a face-to-face conference in Finland.
Nominations for the 2020 elections reflect IAMCR’s global membership. For the Executive Board we have one nominee for President, five nominees for Vice President from four continents, and one candidate each for secretary general and treasurer. For the International Council, we have 27 nominees from sixteen different countries and one territory.
Nominations are closed for candidates for IAMCR's Executive Board and International Council. Online elections will be held in May. The complete list of candidates and their statements can be found on the Election 2020 page.
In this letter, Bruce Girard, IAMCR Executive Director, reflects on the 2020 conference transition from Beijing to Tampere. It was sent on 25 February, 2020, with the first of a series of "Tampere Updates", sent to current IAMCR members and potential participants of IAMCR Tampere 2020.
Dear colleagues,
Finland and Tampere are waiting for you in July. It will be midsummer, with sunrise at 04.00 and sunset at 23.00, leaving us with plenty of daylight for our intellectual and social exchanges. Only a thousand kilometres north, above the Arctic Circle, the sun will be above the horizon all night. 
As part of its ambassador initiative, IAMCR co-sponsored the ‘Journalism in 2019: Creativity, Profession, Industry’ that took place at the Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University on 6-8 February 2020.